Anti-Racism 101 Workshop

Led by Sharon Hurley-Hall and supported by Lea Jovy-Ford, this is an online workshop for anyone committed to understanding and eradicating the damaging biases we still have that perpetuate dangerous actions and reactions towards others, based upon their skin colour.

If you’re lucky (read: Aware), it may start to become more obvious to you how riddled with assumptions, beliefs and biases you are, based upon your reactions and responses to the people you come across in life, personally and professionally. If it isn’t obvious, then this needs your attention and work.

This is about becoming a better HUMAN. And understanding that this WILL empower you to navigate your worlds (personal and professional) with more positive impact for yourself and for others, both online and off.

During the workshop, we…

  • Examine the unconscious biases you still hold, that may be unconsciously, unknowingly and deeply buried and how this is perpetuating our racist culture.
  • Understand what being anti-racist actually means, and what impact being anti-racist will mean for your own life.
  • Learn how to identify racism in our world, both personally and professionally, and how to address it when we see it.
  • Make a commitment to being actively anti-racist, in the here and now and for the long haul.

    Workshop Structure


    In this segment, you’ll:

    • Understand how racist you currently are, and where this shows up in your life.
    • Identify how your racism is impacting you and others in your life, personally and professionally.
    • Acknowledge the challenges of addressing racism and why it’s so important to be explicitly anti-racist.

    How to Become Anti-Racist

    In this segment, you’ll:

    • Assess & understand, in depth, the biases you currently hold.
    • Identify where these biases and beliefs have come from.
    • Explore the systemic nature of racism – especially in the workplace – and how/where it has an impact.
    • Identify how you can begin to help change the systemic racism surrounding you.

    Understanding Anti-Racism In The Workplace

    In this segment, you’ll:

    • Define an anti-racist code for your own professional conduct.
    • Learn how to identify and address racism in your professional life/workplace.
    • Learn how to encourage and empower other people you work with to be anti-racist.
    • Implement anti-racist practices across all of your own professional work practices.

    Making Your Commitment To Being Anti-Racist

    In this segment, you’ll:

    • Learn how to be vigilant and maintain your anti-racism beliefs and behaviour, every single day.
    • Explore how to continually improve your anti-racist approach as a remote worker, wherever you work & whoever you work with.
    • Identify how to troubleshoot and get back on track to your commitment to anti-racism.

    What Workshop Participants Have Said…

    Join The Next Live Workshop!

    • This is a LIVE online workshop and lasts for around 90 minutes.
    • You’ll also receive a recording of the live workshop you attend.
    • The maximum number of Workshop participants is 10.
    • The fees to attend the LIVE workshop are $125 (c. £95).
    • Private group sessions are available if you’d like your team to attend a LIVE workshop.

     Next Scheduled Workshop:

    TBC @ 12pm – 2pm Eastern / 5pm – 7pm UK

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    About Your Workshop Leaders

    Sharon Hurley Hall

    Sharon Hurley Hall

    Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional B2B writer, the author of Exploring Shadeism, and co-host of the Introvert Sisters podcast. She is committed to anti-racism, and publishes an anti-racism newsletter on Substack. Sharon lives in Barbados and has worked online for decades. She holds an MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

    Lea Jovy-Ford

    Lea Jovy-Ford

    Lea Jovy-Ford is the COO & co-founder of Beyond School. She was adopted at birth in HK by British parents, raised in the UK and is Filipino in origin. Lea spent much of her life claiming she hasn’t experienced racism until the #BLM movement forced her to open her eyes and se the racism she experiences every single day. Lea lives in the UK and has worked online for decades.